👋Hi everyone
I am Balogun Muaz,
I am a Fullstack Software Developer


I am a passionate Fullstack developer who likes to code and solve problems. I enjoy using both Backend and Frontend technologies such as PHP, Typescript NodeJS, ExpressJS, ReactJS, MongoDB, MYSQLI, NextJS Tailwind and a lot more.


Front-End Dvelopment

Develop Frontend Application using NextJS, Tailwind, boostrap ReactJS and Javasript and other farme works

Back-End Dvelopment

Develop Backend Application using PHP, NodeJS, Typesript, ExpressJS, MongoDB and Mysqli


Impove Search Engine Optimization using latest technologies


Audio API

This is a Backend API server, Created for a Flutter Application, MVC design pattern was used. The technologies used are MongoDB, ExpressJS, EJS, CSS and HTML

Todo List

This is a TODO list app created with ReactJS and Material UI

Regify CLI

This is a Command Line Interface(CLI) that enhance user registration using MongoDB. The technologies used are MongoDB, ExpressJS, Shell, CommanderJS and InquirerJS

Educational Website

This is an Educational Website. It was created using Bootstrap, CSS, Javasript and HTML

User Registration API

This is a Robust User Authentication, this API was created for a React Application. Technology used ExpressJS, NodeJS, Postman, MongoDB and Oauth


This is a calculator website created with HTML, CSS and Javasript


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Email Address


My Address

Block 13, Flat 4, LSDPC Jakande Estate Ikorodu Lagos, Nigeria.